It is amazing to me how we can live in this modern age of “acceptance” and “tolerance,” and yet there are still thousands of people who blame women for rape. The fact that anyone could feel /sorry/ for a RAPIST regardless of age mystifies me. A RAPIST is not a good person. A RAPIST is a RAPIST. They take advantage of someone- expose them, humiliate them, abuse them, scar them. It doesn’t matter if the rapist is 16 or 46, they still broke the law. Age doesn’t make someone any less of a person, and therefore it doesn’t make someone any less of a law-breaker. If you’re going to be disgusting enough to do an adult crime, then you can suck it up and do the adult fucking time. No, I don’t feel bad that two 16 year old boys have to register as sex offenders. Why? Because they are. They RAPED a drunk girl who wasn’t even clear-headed enough to say no. That is rape. AND, they were immature enough to joke about it ONLINE and laugh about it by making disgusting jokes while the girl laid outside with PISS ALL OVER HER BODY. That isn’t alcohol or drugs. That is cold, cruel rape. And it would be best for everyone to grow up and realize that. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. You know what it is? It’s sad. It’s sad and embarrassing and pathetic that this is even an issue. Rapists are the problem. Not women. And age doesn’t make a goddamn difference when rape is the issue.

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